For stakeholders in the Event

We are using a password-protected page to make key documents available for all stakeholders involved in the Waitomo Trail Run.  The types of stakeholders that have an interest in this event include:



– Landowners and land mangers.
– Sponsors of the event.
– District and regional councils.
– Conservation and environmental groups.
– Residents and resident associations.
– Contractors, staff and volunteer groups.


The types of documents (which are updated regularly) we are making available for the 2018 event include:

NZ Trail Runs Ltd. Health and Safety Policy Statement.
– NZ Trail Runs Ltd. Health and Safety Manual.
– Risk Management Plan.
– Operations Manual.
– The event incident and emergency plan.
– The event project plan.
– Insurance schedules.
– Stubbs map.
– Course Contingency Plan.
– Medical Plan.
– Traffic management and STMS plans.
– Copies of relevant quarterly and post-event reports.
– Copies of sponsorship invitations.
– Environmental impact assessment. Cultural and environmental monitoring reports.
– Evidence of training undertaken, briefings and contractor competency.
– Aid Station Guide.
– Volunteer Guide.
– Course points.
– Overview Map.


The link to the password protected page is here.
Please email if you do not yet have a password.